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Emails suggest Republicans gerrymandered Michigan to weaken ‘Dem garbage’

Scheduling Order & Notice of Hearing

State's GOP U.S. House Members Move To Dismiss Redistricting Case

Order on Motion to Stay

Top lawmakers subpoenaed in Mich. gerrymandering suit

Order on Motion to Intervene (1)

NPR: Where Redistricting Fights Stand Across The Country

Opinion and Order Granting and Denying in part Defendant's Motion to Dismiss

Plaintiffs Response to Defendants Motion to Stay and to Dismiss

Order Granting in Party & Denying in Part Non-Party Movants' Motions to Quash

Dems to challenge ‘partisan gerrymander’ in Michigan

Order on Motion to Dismiss (1)

Goodman Acker P.C. Seeks Donations for Lawsuit to End Gerrymandering in Michigan

Order on Motion to Quash

Michigan League of Women Voters and Michigan Voters file federal lawsuit to end gerrymandering in Michigan

Order on Motion to Dismiss (2)

Redistricting Cases Could Redefine State and U.S. Politics in 2018

Order on Motion to Intervene (2)

How two different groups are trying to upend Michigan's redistricting process

Order on Motion for Contempt

Federal judge orders panel to hear gerrymandering case

Order on Motion to Compel

Michigan: Federal suit alleges GOP ‘gerrymandering’ in Michigan | The Detroit News


Dickerson: Are gerrymandering's days numbered in Michigan?

Lawsuit Challenges Partisan Gerrymandering in Michigan

Help Stop Partisan Gerrymandering in Michigan

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